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When It Burns

I was thinking the other day, while hiking around the smoky woods, how it’s a shame there are so many more fires these days, seemingly. Talking to my dad this morning, he reflected some of the same notions.

I grew up in the interior of BC, and in the past 40 years, it’s pretty much consistently stupid hot, dry, arid and parched every summer. But, in all these years, there weren’t that many massive fires.

Let’s consider the anthropogenic factor. In my observation, in the past decades, a lot more of the forest has been mowed down and sold off, replaced by monocrops. A lot more industrial and residential developments are spread all over the place, and yes, well into the forests. There’s a shit-ton more primitive gas-burning vehicles on the road, and it seems that a lot more people start wildfires (some 42.5% in the past decade in BC are person-related fires).

Maybe it’s related to a climate shift, but that’s nothing new. Global temps have varied drastically over the past 400,000 years. Our primitive, archaic, polluting commerce and industry isn’t helping, of course. Islands of garbage in the ocean aren’t normal. Regardless, some varieties of polar bears have been around since the Pleistocene, so don’t panic too much about something you know almost nothing about. I’m certainly not an expert, but I grow weary of the incessant, apocalyptic climate change pandemonium — as if CO2 is the singular cause and/or solution. Wake up!

It’s interesting to note that many of the alarming charts regarding global temperatures start at 1880, about the time we started using modern techniques and instruments, but also, the mid-19th century is at the tail end of the Little Ice Age. Would it be better if it was getting colder? Imagine the headlines.

Some hot/cool charts, for your consideration.

We’re in the midst of the hyper-caffeinated, frenzied, up-to-the-second insanity of social and mainstream media. We’re hyper-aware of mostly terrible shit that occurs, most anywhere on the planet. It’s what pays the bills for magazines and advertisers. Would this not negatively affect your perceptions of the world, what you think about the climate, your fellow humans, and how paranoid or worried you are in general?

According to Hollywood and their ilk, all cops shoot people, war and graphic violence and worldwide destruction is entertaining, we desperately need (damaged, emotionally stunted) superheroes to save us, A.I. and aliens are coming to get you, sharks are evil and hate humans, and the world is most definitely going to burn, burn, burn.

Bummer. My point is, get yourself some perspective. If you’re truly concerned about the climate, then change. Spend more time in nature (please avoid burning it down) and remind yourself of the mutual love and respect.

She’s a fine planet, and our consciousness is utterly intertwined. It’s a good thing.

Solvitur ambulando