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Tag: nature

A Posteriori

In solitude, amongst the silent open spaces—walking the settled sands beside the ebbing sea, next to the late springtime river, as life explodes from awakening flora—we can hear the questions, and we can distill the answers; life is perpetual (perceptual) change and flowing communication.

Carved Face

I paused for a moment To look at the carved face And it gave me a chance To hear my own heartbeat The trees and…

When it Burns

I was thinking the other day, while hiking around the smoky woods, how it’s a shame there are so many more fires these days, seemingly.…

The Forest

Come, sit I have a lot to say And a lot to learn I want to know your heart Maybe you can show me mine…

The Fall

sit awhile
rest your mind
hear your heart

life is a perpetual dance
a process
a renewal