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all roads lead home

we will come up against the same barriers and pitfalls, time and again, until we recognize the gift.

life says to us, through and with all the perceived sucker punches, to dig deeper. to look again. not to harden and become calloused, but to stand strong and be flexible… to see the bigger picture, and trust this to be integral to the journey.

our resolve is only ever forged in the hottest of fires.

sometimes we forget all we’ve asked for. how can the universe be doing anything but using any means necessary to bring us those wantings? our greatest challenge is discipline and holding steady. faith. focus. clear your fucking mechanism!

what would happen if you stopped swiping up or left for a week? or a month? you’d miss NOTHING. what if you get off all the “feeds” and actually feed and fan the flames of your soul?

suddenly, you’d pick up the pen, the brush, the tools, and the hiking boots more often. then, you’d bring even better value to us all when you post again. you’d have likely lost all the fake and ‘bot followers, too, and begin to make real connections. declutter.

the language of wisdom doesn’t use words. it uses insights, revelations, intuition, the unexpected, and the surprising. it relies on your presence, your attention to the details, and your heart’s compass.

it shows up amid our conversations and the rigmarole of the everyday. but, if we’re seeing only with the practiced perception of business-as-usual, or boredom, or impatience, anxiety, fury or vengeance… thus is how it tends to be.

now is the time to reclaim your creative power. we squander our precious moments and dilute the meaningfulness of life through the entrapment of smaller minds, of outdated machinations, and an industrial society’s brokenness.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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