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When You Listen…

Observing people and listening to their earnest conversations is a subtle way to get the pulse of a community, and a limited, but general sense of where the broader collective is currently at — with regards to conscious awareness, beliefs, moral consensus, cultural values, and ideologies. It’s just information, but I invariably find it to be telling. There is always more to what’s merely said or shared, and I find it useful.

Social media, blogs, and podcasts are present and invaluable sources of information as well, provided we populate our feeds with those we both agree and disagree with, with those whose interests are disparate from our own, and with those whom we could easily sit down and engage with in discourse over a coffee or a glass of wine. Perhaps you already attend a regular gathering of similar or like minds and talk deeply of topics that interest.

Within our own minds we engage in what is likely the most personal conversation. This one is the most telling, and arguably the most meaningful one to attain peace with; it is always with us, so it would benefit us to make friends. It’s inevitably the most challenging voice to not only listen to, but to really hear. It’s easy to walk away, dismiss or mute or unfollow a dissonant or discouraging voice from outside of us, but it’s not so with our own inner dialogue.

Still, when you listen…

Listen to understand. Listen to feel into and appreciate. Listen to unravel and unpack and discern. Listen to discover an unknown path. Listen to love. Listen to judge, criticize, reflect, and thus educate yourself, and to grow. Listen to connect and to relate. Listen to decode and decipher. Listen to hear your own worries mirrored back to you. Listen to witness authenticity and vulnerability. Listen to what the heart desires. Listen to witness life, raw, unfiltered, open, messy, and real.

Listen to know you are not alone.

Listen to hear your calling.

Listen to the language of the world.

Listen to the pulse of the consciousness that you exist within. It’s quite remarkable.

Solvitur ambulando