there is enough. everything else is a lie.

(i need to remind myself of this time and again, and so i share it with those who care to hear it in the same moment in time. it’s a fun photo, otherwise.)

there is enough understanding and information about this world to feed, house, and provide safe creative, productive space for every human who would wish it. this is without question, and any doubts are based on ignorance and fear.

all of this can be done without harm or abuse of the planet and her resources. we just choose not to, and we choose to allow it to continue.

all of this can be done peacefully, openly, and freely, without war, money, violence, destruction and oppression. we just choose not to, and we choose to allow it to continue.

all of this is available to us, now. every choice, every action or inaction perpetuates massive dysfunction, or the road to where we’d prefer to be.

we’re allowed to elevate ourselves out of mere survival and scarcity and animal modes and frameworks. we’re allowed and able and capable of what’s next, in the story of our greatest vision for the species.



p.s. love this guy

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