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how do you know you aren’t living your soul’s purpose, contract, agreement, or whatever you want to label it?

how much guilt, shame, inadequacy and anxiety have you caused yourself because you keep fueling the fire of imbalance and judgment, based on the belief that you “should” be living more truthfully, authentically, or on purpose?

there is a fierce battle that wages inside every dreamer, and aren’t we all dreamers? i am speaking more to that supposed higher of callings that entitles those who would aspire to such things and thus justify their persistent feelings of superiority…but more often, inferiority to their own would-be daring selves.

competition within ourselves can be a vicious, circular, bitter battle – one that keeps us repeatedly falling back down to our knees, and holding us from even stepping up to the starting line.

yet with a shift in perspective, everything teaches and informs. some are happy to throw caution to the wind and dive into things. some will take decades to prepare for every contingency or probability…and may never truly even begin.

so what? wherever you are on the spectrum, is valid. all of it, in some way, plays into the cosmic dance. it is this AND that; this struggle, this delay, this hurdle, AND that dream, that goal, that terrifying leap into the unknown but probably fulfilling and life-affirming.

but this place, right where you are matters. we all come to the table in our own way, in our own time, for our own reasons, and there will always be nourishment there, regardless of how we get there and when.

but what is your why?

ask for help. take a new class. find a mentor, or become one. love is in the details and we can afford to be easier about all this unnecessary madness.

life is a struggle, and a burden, if you’ve trained your eyes to see it as such. but just because we choose to narrow our field of perception and limit the range of our vibratory frequency, doesn’t mean it isn’t all available to us, within a singular decision.

love your life

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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