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The Law of Attraction

You really need to pay attention, to trust in the love that you are, and to get out of your own way.

You want money, abundance, and freedom. You first need to grow out of a belief system based on scarcity, lack, and fear. Pay attention. That difficult person, situation, or circumstance is part of it. That accident, that loss, that unexpected change… That book that keeps showing up, that film, that laughing, screaming, playful, tireless child… Will you surrender?

You want to be loved, to be held, to be understood… to be seen. The essence of what you are already is, always is, and always will be. See past all the layers of stories, emotional disintegration and psychological fragmentation; remember the real you. Know that this fantastic illusion is a veil within which you chose to explore an aspect of all-that-is, just a little bit more, in a slightly different way. It matters, and it matters not. It is an instrument of your expansion, yet you are always complete. Will you let go?

You want to be happy. You need to let go of all the practiced forms of resistance that maintain the illusion of separation. Recognize the myriad ways, big and small, obvious and subtle, in which life-suppressing programs, habits, and conditionings keep you being, doing and having the same and familiar emptiness. Become aware of your thoughts, choices, words and actions that serve only to fuel fear, judgment, victimhood, and ego — not to foster self-hatred, but to reclaim your sovereignty over them.

Arise, creator being. You are love.

Solvitur ambulando