i wonder. . .

what kind of pen
is your preference?
need it be coil bound media
or indifference?

have you ever been writing
when i’ve been writing
or would that not have been
private enough?

do you write to reflect
or just to observe?
plan for the future
or scribe much more reserved?

do you drift off the page
like you’re reading a book?
or do you write in a fury
without pausing to look?

i wonder. . .

is it with coffee or tea
you would sit?
something fresh from the baker
or none of it?

is the lesson or memory
of hurt or of pain?
are you looking out windows
at puddles of rain?

does it start with
something happened today?
will you close it with
it was that kind of day?

do you play with the meter
get clever with rhyme?
or do you write unrestricted
till you run out of time?

i wonder. . .

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