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Avoidance and resistance takes effort. It takes energy. It takes conscious, focused energy to push against something — whereas acceptance, surrender, and connection, is going with the flow; going with the river; going downstream; going with what life is providing, and showing, and giving.

Everything, and everyone — the circumstances and situations that show up in our life, along our path — are there for specific reasons, to play some part, reflecting some kind of asking that we made at some point — even if only to allow us an opportunity to definitively say “no” to whatever it is; to definitively stand up for ourselves in something.

It may just as much be an opportunity for us to say “yes” to something that is challenging, exciting, interesting, or unexpected — thus, toward our own expansion.

Or, something might come up that scares us, perhaps, and that maybe — because of our practiced habit of dissatisfaction in life — we want to impulsively say “no”. We want to impulsively say “eh, I can’t really add it to my schedule”. We want to procrastinate, deny, resist, and avoid.

This is, by definition, the practice of discernment. We’ll make wrong choices, and we’ll make right ones. We learn to heed and to hone our innate guidance through walking the walk.

Sure, we may all ascend into beings of formless light, but in the meantime, what’s right in front of you? Our practical things (life-in-practice) aren’t so trivial and common and arduous and ordinary as your limiting values and perceptions make them to be.

Look again. Dive deeper, into everything. There is richness in all aspects of the journey. You wanted it so.

Let go of the crutches. They’re just making you cranky.

Solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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