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Chop Wood, Carry Water

We can practice observing the ways that our internal battles (personal and collective) show up in the world around us. You can witness the subtleties of the fading stories, and the emerging consciousness pushing out the muck of fragmentation and maligned energies, as we are guided consciously toward the pursuit of our soul’s integrity.

As an example, we can look at climate change. We know that the manic industrial age has carried on for far too long, and that we are harming our fine planet, and in ways, exacerbating the natural ebb and flow of the Earth’s energies.

We can also look at the violent, fearful and futile ways in which we are pursuing an elevated consciousness around the issue. We allow politics, economics, archaic business practices, outdated laws, and simple arrogance to dictate the direction of our essential discourse, as well as our actions.

Do you recognize your own struggles and powerlessness playing out on the world stage? Because so many of us are in the process of uprooting and shifting and realigning these belief systems and energetic stagnation, we’re facing the depths of the shadows, and the world is the best and brightest mirror for all of it.

Yet, we inch forward. Age-old arguments and buzz phrases get updated terminology, but the players are all the same. Gradually, we accept small, yet sweeping changes. The fearmongering of extremists only ever resonates with other extremists. When the average person takes up the torch, things really start moving.

It’s a natural, gravitic process. How a society moves toward integration and balance manifests as increasing equalities, tides of change and upheaval, and resets of consciousness. It’s our ongoing, organic progress, as behaviors and values once accepted and tolerated can no longer be so — and in fact, disappear altogether.

There is good reason to question everything you’ve ever accepted about anything. The question creates the space for clarity and discernment.

It always comes down to personal accountability and responsibility.

Just as we train ourselves to bring conscious awareness to our damaging and life-negating thoughts — rendering them irrelevant and reclaiming their energy, transmuting it toward our beneficence — we can’t help but transfer and inject that same momentum into the everyday at-bat of our outwardly expressed living story.

It’s important to give things their right[eous] perspective and weight; our lives are busy and mad and frenetic — only if we believe in the in[s]anity of the fictional pace and parameters set by the unconscious and mechanical and spiritually disconnected elements of this reality.

Matter-to-matter is the most difficult method of effecting long-lasting elevation, enlightenment and change. It is the most painful method of healing. It is the most destructive method of extricating ourselves from the clutches of the past, and our worries about the future.

Energy-to-energy is ultimately where we are heading (and from whence we came). How we choose to look at a thing alters what we see, and reverberates back and forth across our space/time; what is here, now, is the culmination of what was before, and what is desired to come.

The power of now is an intense, elasto-electromagnetic potentiality, pushing and pulling at density and dimension, chaotic and unpredictable, so long as we desire to control it.

Ideals summon the shifts, and our perceptions alter the results.

Breathe easy. You’ll never get it all done, and you can no longer be who you were scarcely a heartbeat ago. Life keeps flowing. Everything is here to help you. Look again.

Solvitur ambulando