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divide and concur

all of those untamed niggles, reactions and triggers (oft disguised as WTFs) serve you in showing and revealing more of you, to you.

too often, we try to guess what’s going on in someone’s mind. we forget that we rarely know what and why things are erupting and passing through our own clouded and crowded decoder matrices.

this is the key to presence; it effects the space between – that pregnant pause that begs our notice and open awareness. it’s the essential “a-ha” moment that offers us a chance opening out of going down the same old path or negative spiral.

it unwraps the gift of a new self-awareness relevant to a core value being in some way threatened – at least perceptually.

too often, instead of opening up and communicating our needs and understandings, we internalize and turn the battle inward – especially those of us who ascribe to the sensitive/introvert personalities. this world can be a vicious, violent place.

we must remember to simplify. most everyone desires the same things: acceptance, understanding, authenticity, support, personal space, creative expression, and love – which is a given, yet conditioning can easily suppress.

look again. listen closer. be open to healing, and be easier on yourself.

this is your life, unfolding.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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