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much of what we associate with identity is a puree of cumulative experiment, experience, genetics, environment and circumstance.

we establish beliefs: we adopt them, borrow them, or get numbed into complacently adhering to them. our feeling self tells us early on if we resonate with what’s presented. as we grow through the story, hopefully we gain or assume the courage to recognize when something “other” offers us more identifiable notions and heart murmurings.

nobody likes feeling or acting like a fraud, and if ever we force ourselves to push through, or to see light where it only ever feels heavy, a part of us is energetically, spiritually, and physically hurt.

this is the unconscious malice behind trying to fit in. we attempt to bend our own hard-coded rules to appease or appreciate, to mollify or make do, to pretend it’s somehow true and real enough.

to mask what it means to be you is to destroy in our world what is true. the cup is well overflowed with the froth of scalded milk and i think it’s time we liberate the steamer.

we don’t need to keep reminding ourselves that conformed and identical is feels…off. it tastes awful, after the fact. it was not only a painful process, but continues to injure us in perpetuity.

have you noticed how much of our social media and big screen and streaming entertainment is just passable? just…meh? there is so much that is derivative that it really could be its own genre.

originality takes courage. it takes epic failure. it takes passion – not just bitterness, entitlement, and practiced vitriol. anybody can be a jaded prick. artists can certainly be prickly, but always with a sparkle in their eye.

character takes purification and brutal truth. it demands authenticity and burning off all the bullshit. we identify with heroes because we all can engender that which is real about it: being your raw, superhuman self.

if it feels uncomfortable, question it and look again.

that tickle in your throat is asking you to speak up. the nausea is asking you to throw up. the numb feet are saying stand up…and dance.

pay attention to what you identify with. love your increasing awareness, and trust the flow.

you are more. you are enough.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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