attraction is an interesting menace.

as we go through life, slamming into each other, few of us are aware of the less acknowledged hows and whys of relationships. we’re also largely unaware of why we’re so often unconsciously attracted – quite powerfully – to the worst possible candidates for intimate partners.

not to over-simplify, but it comes down to fragmentation and mirroring. our universe hinges on the law of attraction, and our identity, our personality, hinges on mirroring.

in essence, that which is dis-integrated within us, entangles with us through our outer physical experiences; emotions and all that we suppress, must – by the definition of our reality – attract to us the mirrors for that which has not been recognized, reconciled, or recapitulated.

in these self-perpetuatingly busy, distracted, overwhelming times, we are in constant scarcity of mindfulness, awareness, and nurturing presence for ourselves.

there’s so much to do! schedules, appointments, jobs, business meetings, house cleaning, lessons, workshops, pub crawls, sex, masturbation, netflix, facebook, instagram… so much!

we could do with less bullshit.

we deserve and require nothing less than authentic, patient, safe, open, and allowing countenance for our fragile, fragmented selves. no shame. no guilt. no judgement.

listen. feel. breathe. love.

from a place of greater clarity and wholeness, we can express and explore richer depths with our partners and fellow adventurers.

thus, the collective is elevated.

solvitur ambulando

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