with focused intention and heightened emotion, the benefits are mutually inclusive. when we get off of ourselves – let go of cultural conditioning of “me first”, and all the self-centered paranoia – we open the multidimensional flow; everyone wins.


we teach competition, separation, segregation, bolster ego and animal instinct, subverting the natural order of spirit and intuition. the more hyper-focused we are about our own reality bubbles – to only see to and care for our own – the more we condense and compress the energetic shells and limit potentiality to known knowns. this is a quantum stalemate.

this is the opposite of faith. this is the opposite of community. this is the fertile ground where fear, ignorance, xenophobia, and general stupidity flourish. this is how we shrink into pawns of a dysfunctional menace, rather than masters of our domain.

the simple, profound act of sending positive intentions (or prayer, sans scarcity and lack) opens the door in front of you, and also the one behind. we, in effect, re-establish the greater toroidal energies that circulate and stimulate, rather than the black hole vacuum we’d been acclimated to.

taking our eyes off of ourselves allows us to get out of our own way. you’ve heard this before. today, we have hard science, as well as the age-old etheric spirituality as proof of concept. we can no longer deny this shit works. we can heal ourselves with thought, and we can erase dissonance in the collective. we can elevate.

do the work. educate yourself. free yourself from your mind. find absolute silence. engage the unknown. surprise yourself.

step into next level awareness.

solvitur ambulando

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