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When imbalance goes unchecked in our lives, we unconsciously identify effective ways to fill the gaps, to cope, or to make do.

This can knock our energy levels all the way down into the basement of our spiritual systems. We relegate our minds and hearts to suffering the effects of baser, fearful instincts and purely reactive head-spaces; everything becomes about survival.

We tend to project into the world our pains and shortcomings, to flesh them out and, hopefully, to gather more emotional intelligence, life experience (wisdom), maturity and self-awareness.

There is truth to the idea that the challenges are always equal to the student; we can resist it all we want, but on some level, we invited it.

There will be those who show up to nudge us upward and forward, or, we’ll choose to gravitate to those who will keep us in limbo and mutual dysfunction — or, we’ll assume the responsibility ourselves and start paying attention.

The further we get from our natural state, the more we starve ourselves. The more extreme the starvation, the more extreme the rebalancing is bound to be.

Emotional and psychological fragmentation is rampant in our world. Don’t be too quick to judge yourself or another. But don’t be a fool either. I have found it terribly difficult to remain innocent and open and empathic while still being a “productive member” of society.

But, society, well… It’s a bit distorted. I don’t hold much regard for the mass delusional state of things (and yes, cynicism is such an easy out). We are so much more than this.

Do the work and recalibrate your sensitivities as needed. Your body and your environment are constantly giving you feedback.

Life happens beyond the speed of light, and time is merely a social agreement. Here, now, is where you are exploring, learning, teaching, dancing, and writing your story.

Solvitur ambulando