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there are many interesting ways to pick apart psychology. i strive to have an objective stance, but i am no expert and solely wish to unravel things more than to constrain them into simple black or white labels.

owning something about ourselves doesn’t have to be crippling, or another reason or excuse to suppress our infinite potential, our creativity, our unique expressions and our truth. it is information; it is largely based on societal constructs and how we perceive these concepts in this time, era, age, dimension, etc. it’s far too easy to simply write people off, though mostly ourselves – or what we deem as “other” about who we are.

we are dynamic as individuals, generally, and if we choose to live consciously and aware, it is endemic to our process that we uproot, examine, evolve and integrate understandings of ourselves, while, ideally discarding apparently negative aspects that may have served us in the past.

this isn’t always the case, obviously. we can just as easily devolve and adopt traumas as medals and scars as an endless stream of [n]ever-changing story and plot points. we can in fact convince ourselves of our greatness and superiority to perhaps avert our gaze into the painful abyss that is healing. we do it individually and as a society, or country.

in our fair West, it seems to be a predominant position to favour (the importance of) individuality, over the collective. and it’s no surprise. we are graded, rated, rewarded, berated, trained, pushed, pulled, twisted and conformed in ways seen and unseen. all of this noise has the effect of slicing us in half in many aspects of our personality, creating a persistent kind of internal dichotomy, while outwardly creating walls and barriers within which we try to establish safety, and identity.

thus, our dialogue revolves around an assortment of “i am…” statements, arguments, declarations and diatribes. we look to differentiate ourselves, yet make sure not to alienate or distance ourselves out of the immutable “safe zone” of accepted behaviour… at least, what is accepted within our clique, family, congregation, class, political affiliations or… you name it.

it’s important to realize when we’re being divided, and thus unconsciously, unwittingly, yet willingly conquered. the games played – a blend of overt and covert nastiness – can and will pit us against our own selves, as well as our neighbours, brothers and sisters. these are long games, for the most part, and they’ve worked for generations, perhaps centuries and longer.

yet, i believe that our level of consciousness allows us to more easily see through these malevolent motions and deceptive duplicities, and the force is awakening, surely. but the old narratives are still powerful and pervasive, and given the chaos that’s exploding within many of us, can seem overwhelming and exhausting at the best of times.

we can unburden ourselves through greater authenticity. as we grow into our beautiful selves, actualized and in phase with our heart resonance, a greater acceptance emanates, naturally, while violence and fearful tactics defuse. this doesn’t automatically define a passive, submissive stance, but rather, an emboldened recognition based on fundamental knowing and universal law.

there is a difference between exceptionalism, or self-importance, and knowing thy exceptional self. one is a vanity, and delusion, and the other requires vulnerability, courage, compassion and love.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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