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Our Greatest Journey

Our greatest journey is quite often hidden amongst the everyday, in plain sight. It waits and formulates, adjusts and adapts, acts and reacts.

Our greatest journey is happening now, and doesn’t require some grandiose vision or life-shattering revelation. We are the most effective right where we are at, as who we are, now.

Our efforts, service, creativity and workings are always moving us toward an end, or another opportunity. Our openness allows for growth, fluidity and flow. Our mindset allows for grace, ease and joyful expression. Our persistence allows for momentum, completion and fulfilment.

Thus, the big dream of our great journey continues. Gratitude is helpful in grounding, centering, and taking account of the story, so far. You’ve accomplished much. You’ve endured enormous pressures and challenges. Your experience informs our experience.

So, thank you.

Solvitur ambulando