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shed the skin

old programs (-isms, habits, reactions, triggers) will not always go quietly. they intertwine with our routines, our beliefs, and our perceptions.

if we’re well practiced at seeing obstacles and barriers, when we choose to shift into a new, elevated relationship with our story, we can find ourselves unconsciously sabotaging those first foundational steps.

we will unwittingly revert to the familiar until we snap out of the cycle to realize and recognize the power we’re recklessly draining away.

it doesn’t matter whom it may be directed toward, or for what reason, or what they did or didn’t do. it doesn’t matter what is creating all the noise or anger or fuming in our minds. all those countless waves of grievances and complaints and blaming and shaming is moot.

sure, they may feel justified, but it really doesn’t matter, given the grander perspective. accept it, change it, or let it go. all we’re doing is holding up another energetic wall in our path to the next crossroad; we’re keeping the flow blocked, keeping our hearts caged, and blinding ourselves to the opportunities and potentials for positive life changes, more aligned with our truth (and the side effects of ease, grace, and joy).

we let the surface nonsense cloud the real substance, and what will truly matter in the long run.

it can be far more subtle as well. see how quickly you find an unfinished time-waster task, or get hungry, thirsty, bored or otherwise glance away from the new book or video or training or whatever it is you’ve begun to make the shift with.

we’re a distracted society. we’re busy doing a lot of nothing, keeping up on nothing, and overwhelming our peaceful processes with someone else’s nothing.

focus your energy. remove distractions. streamline your doings. establish boundaries, and shift into the new you with a conviction and a commitment you deserve.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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