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I do hope that you get to swallow a few bitter pills regarding the things that you’ve felt certain about for so long, as some tenet—belief, opinion, dogma—that’s been believed and just held onto for centuries, or perhaps even millennia.

Much will be uprooted, rewritten, redesigned and rebuilt, and the inner and outer chaos will likely overwhelm, so long as we remain attached to the energetically and spiritually constricted pathways.

Things will continue to unravel in every area of life—and this is a good thing. Embrace it. Be open to it. Be willing to learn and expand on what you thought was real and everything that you’ve ever known about your life in this reality, because it will free you.

Allow yourself to mourn, and to feel through the loss of the old, stuck, small stories. It’s a process. It happens continuously, and fluidly, and requires no special technique, no isolation in the distant mountains, and no shutting out of the world; any deferment or delays and superficial excuses will only serve to keep you mired in what you are ready to move through and past.

Hint: turn off the phone, or put it in another room more often. You’re missing out on absolutely nothing. Pick up a pen, a book, a brush, a chisel or saw, a gardening tool, a guitar, or just sit with the silence for an hour or two. Start some new practices, and develop new habits for the new, emerging you.

We’re addicted to the familiar, whether it’s pain, or pleasure—or the perception of either. Anticipation is our primary motivator, and it’s learned in our earliest of days, when we have to do whatever it takes to get love. The unfortunate side-effect is trauma, much of which will be carried in our cells, and our bones, for the rest of our lives here.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Life always gives us new and different and resonant means with which to transcend our own struggles, suffering, energetic hurdles or blockages. Or, circumstances will show up that force us to completely change direction, rebuild ourselves, and delve into that which we thought we knew we had handled.

Your purpose will emerge, evolve and nudge you toward the lightness of being. Disregard it, or believe in the fears and scarcity of others, and you may expire before your work here is complete.

A body in devotion, service and divine play will renew and revitalize itself ad infinitum; the unburdened spirit invigorates, dissolves impurity, and vanquishes toxicity.

Make use of the opportunities that show up, which may be hidden behind the knee-jerk responses of no, not now, or I just don’t have the time… Gift yourself more presence and summon your natural intuition. It’s time for the next level.

Solvitur ambulando