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It’s Your Thing

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

20140524-P1060115if you have the means (and, having the idea, inspiration, or intuitive nudge is all you need to start) do “your thing” in as grand and satisfying a way as you can imagine to.

firstly, more and even greater opportunities will emerge (beyond your imagination, of course), and secondly, the repercussions and benefits of your passionate pursuit will spill over into the lives of those whom you care about, and beyond – in innumerable, immeasurable ways.

you change the world by daring to really be the real you. and, as you delve into the depths of what drives you, your capabilities, confidence, creativity, and countenance expand, allowing for more ease, grace, and presence – especially when the road occasionally twists or intersects with the unexpected.

life is dynamic, ever patient, ready-when-you-are, non-judgmental, open, and only knows “yes!”… all that other noise inside you is your own. so, own it! bring it along, but only use what it can teach you. allow the more relevant (true to you) ideas and beliefs overwrite and replace what no longer serves. you’ve been doing it all along! now, you’re just more aware of it.

the dance is always easier with practice…2…3…4…

love your life,

Nothing To Fear

Trance Blackman – Nothing To Fear

Ah, Crap…

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

into the seato “scare the crap” out of oneself:

a metaphor whereby assuming a soul-resonant challenge wherein an individual prepares to engage fully in the journey, surmounting heretofore maintained limitations, courageously stepping into the light that beckons, burning away stagnant, artificial impurities, and realizing true, purposeful existence; the inevitability of the summoning forces are in full motion, propelled by deep desire, focused by the knowing of integral consciousness, and fully – as ever and always – understood and supported by the love unconditional.

to scare the crap out of yourself, is simply to embrace “i am ready”.

love your life,

Nothing To Fear

To Be Fully Realized

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

a time to soar, freelya note for you.
a note to self…

i wonder what you’ll be like, when you’re fully in your power, realized. what will you be able to be/do when you’re at your full power/potential, uninhibited by the weight of your current “stuff”.

how will things look when you don’t worry any more what anyone thinks about you pursuing what drives you, and excites you? how much joy will be spilling out of your pores, and uplifting the world? how alive will you feel?

who will you attract and surround yourself with to help you achieve those crazy, life-changing, paradigm-shifting projects, challenges, and inspired ideas? who will you mentor, inspire, nudge, influence or challenge to break their own chains?

what will the world know as you, unlimited and free to just fully be? what will it feel like, every morning, to be this engaged?

where will all those new roads take you, now that you’re open to the adventure of life? where will hidden treasures suddenly appear?

when are you just going to dive in and know there’s nothing to fear? when will you embrace your purpose, passion, and power?

why did it take so long?

love your life,

The Hidden Power