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The Long Road; Health By Default

Your body knows how to detoxify, heal, and adapt. It’s doing it all the time — with every breath, with every bathroom break, every time you sweat, cry, cough, sneeze, or blow your nose. With every “cold” and every “flu,” and every time you take a shower and towel off, it works flawlessly. It works every time. It never takes a break.

An individual on the edge of a purge only needs one event to trigger themselves into an attempted release. That could be a shock, a bite from any organism leading to inflammation, another poisoning from a pharmaceutical, or even improper eating. We see this with states of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, as well. These individuals are ticking time bombs and it only takes one trigger to set them off where the body now needs to go into a cleansing cycle that produces symptoms, symptoms which people judge as “negative” rather than understanding what the body is attempting to do. The medical cartel is standing by to continue to suppress those symptoms with drugs completely ignoring the root cause, primarily because they are the ones who caused it with their poisonous vaccines in the first place.

Amandha Vollmer

Most importantly, the body heals, repairs, and detoxifies very effectively when we fast. Autophagy is just one of the many perfect built-in systems that our body engages automatically whenever we choose to get out of its way.

…extending the time in autophagy is needed for more complex cellular repair. For example, old dysfunctional cells that have build-ups of protein because they can’t digest it, scarred tissue from injuries, excess or injured skin, cysts, and tumors. For that, at least 2 to 3 days of dry fasting is needed, or 5 to 7 days of water fasting. And most likely it will need to be repeated several times to fix everything. Remember, autophagy is a cleaning and recycling system that clean[s] out years of stored inner-cellular trash and age markers to restore youthful cellular function. Depending on your age and lifestyle, that work is not done in a few days. And with that being said, the most complex cellular repair will only be possible during dry fasting as it’s the optimal milieu for the body to heal.

Joachim Bartoll

Tommy John III (@tommyjohniii)

Putting your body through detoxification forcefully, through supplements, therapies, extreme exercise, intense heat or cold, or what have you, may be forcing it to adapt unnaturally. Much like allopathic medicine, you’re likely pushing your system beyond what it needs to do or distracting it with another task, issue, or “side effect” to deal with and process.

…cold-water therapy and saunas will only contribute to unnecessary stress, especially to the heart…doing anything artificial or taking any kind of ‘remedy’ to lower inflammation or lessen experienced symptoms will only do harm. Inflammation is a part of healing. Chronic inflammation is due to a bad lifestyle, such as constantly exposing yourself to toxins (usually through your diet) or extreme stress, so fix the real problem instead of trying to suppress the outcome (the symptoms.)

Most supplements are toxic, especially man-made ‘vitamins,’ or anything derived from plants. Also, you cannot take synthetic vitamins or any kind of supplement to boost your “immune system,” as it does not exist.

Joachim Bartoll

Symptoms are healing responses. Your body is already working on it. You’re taxing your deeply integrated bodily functions more than they need to be, and it could prolong or even prevent healing, adaptation, and recovery. Chronic illness is quite common today, though unnecessary. However, it does provide useful information if you’re willing to heed it, learn from it, and make a shift in some aspect of your life, your perspective, or your habits.

While all exercise is stress and will tear your body down, it’s a matter of intensity and duration. Doing high-level sports is extremely counterproductive to health and will shorten your life-span dramatically, same with running or excessive strength training, or even exercising daily. The ideal is to simply move around several times a day and perhaps add a little bit of strength/resistance training with weights or with your bodyweight (calisthenics) two to four times a week to keep your lymph system working and to maintain a natural level of muscle mass and overall body strength.

Joachim Bartoll

When you move to a new location, your body may need to adapt. Even the method of travel is an input, or stressor, that may trigger an adaptation, such as a purge. Every body is unique, and everywhere we go there is a different base frequency, as well as potentially novel environmental factors (electronic, radio, or other EMF pollution, radiant energies, temperature, humidity, air quality, sunshine, or lack thereof). You may have a healing response through fever, chills, sweating, a cold, flu, rash, etc. It may feel terrible, and it may occur inconveniently and at untimely moments. If you’re moving an especially long distance from where you’ve been living for a long time, you might be going from one season to a different season entirely. It shouldn’t be a surprise if and when your body needs to process a lot of new information and initiate an adaptation and healing response. It depends as well on your mineral, enzymatic, energetic, and nutritional reserves.

If you’ve been doing parasite cleanses for 20 years and you still have parasite issues, you’re not getting the message. You’re not listening. Pleomorphic microbes, or somatids, are designed perfectly to be and do many, many things — most importantly, to remediate damaged or necrotic tissue. These tiny intelligent elements that we all have within us can morph into numerous forms of bacteria, parasites, or even fungi — whatever is needed as and when it’s needed. As the healing or adaptation is resolved, they revert to their previous states and functions. All of it is happening inside you without any intervention or need for assistance, therapy, or treatment. All of it is by design, automatic, and on purpose.

Your body elevates and adapts as it needs to heal and keep you alive and, ideally, thriving. Additionally, all of it is informed by and based upon the training and inputs: lifestyle, diet, attitude, environment — everything that you are doing, being, thinking, and intending.

Improper treatment occurs due to false diagnosis as nutritional stores are not replenished and microbial support is not given. More bacteria need to be given, and we must not be killing anything at all. The germ theorist has a hankering for killing, completely misunderstanding their valuable role in nature, parasites included. If you are going to kill or chase away the microorganisms and parasites, then you’d better be ready to take over their job.

Amandha Vollmer

This should be a liberating revelation, not a signal for self-judgment, paranoia, anger, and worry. Be easy about this. Educate yourself.

…the healing profession, for the most part, is built upon the false assumption that human beings are broken and need to be fixed. On top of that, most of us have been trained to believe that the doctor or the shaman or the chiropractor or the sound healer or whatever modality we’re hoping will fix us will be “the answer” and fix us.

And yet, the truth is, we aren’t broken. We are beings of pure love. Have we been messed with? Yes. Have we been convinced we are broken? Yes. Have many of us given away most of our power to external sources, including healers? Yes.

Cate Montana

It’s really very simple when you pause and consider the marvel that is our complex, energetic, spiritual, and biological avatar. Awareness is key. Presence is key. Attitude is key. Loving your body and loving your life is key.

All of the confusing, contradicting nonsense that we learn and are force-fed from the medical industrial complex, from our education system, from our endless streaming entertainment content and message-laden movies — all of it is programming and mind-controlling you to think and believe that you are broken, weak, and fragile by default. You’re not. You never were. Trust yourself. Learn to hear that still, small voice from within. Learn to love your body. Go through the emotions. Don’t dwell on past hurts. Process, integrate, let it go, and surrender. Life is dynamic, ever-changing, flowing, and free from conditions. It is we who introduce and adopt controls, conditions, and restrictive stressors and parameters.

All injuries heal to a level greater than before the injury. All surgeries can be avoided. The only person to know what’s needed, how much is needed, what needs to change and when is the individual.

It is the individual’s life that led to the opportunity and it is their life that will lead to another level of healing never experienced before. This is how the body works. Any other approach is simply getting in the way of these processes and laws and making the body appear to be chronic, aging, declining, less able. Your choice.

— Tommy John III

The body is always working perfectly. It is always healing and adapting. It is processing and interpreting billions of bits of information from all around you, all the time, every moment of every day, even and especially during your sleep. All you need to do is pay attention. To listen. To live your best life and to leave room for expansion, change, innerstanding, and improvement.

…do not expect to achieve “100% health” within months after actually correcting your lifestyle. If it took you 20, 30 or even 40 years to screw your health up, do not expect to fix all your issues in a few months. If you have been mistreating your body for a long time, you might never achieve optimal health. However, you will always achieve better health. Also, the clock is ticking, the sooner you start, the sooner you will arrive at the best place possible.

— Joachim Bartoll

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Joachim Bartoll

Disclaimer: of course none of this is medical advice. This is information that you might find entertaining, empowering, enlightening, liberating, or otherwise useful.