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The Why of Excitement

Follow your bliss. Move toward what is most exciting. What feels right, right now? Do that.

But, why?

In a world that finds you addicted to devices, apps, information, strong opinions and stress, these elementary ideas are often at odds with our fragmented consciousness. Thus, we rely completely on a linearity of understanding, and a modicum of perceived control; we’re desperate for the power to make manifest our desires, yet we limit ourselves to what our minds can justify and explain.

But we are more than our minds. We’re not just the ego. We’re greater than the rules we pretend to agree with. We have intrinsic and extrinsic guidance at our disposal, instantly and in perpetuity. Why not use it?

Trust. We’ve been conditioned away from trusting ourselves. We have to shape, and exercise, and diet our bodies; we sit too much, and stand too much, and worry too much. We trust and believe more readily in illness, frailty and pain, than we do of health, ease, joy and flow.

We can take it back.

Little by little, step by step, one choice at a time, you can reorient your sensitivities to guide you toward your own liberated world. You can rebuild the fundamental trust in your body, your feelings, and your built-in compass—while at the same time, quickly getting back on the road to your heart and spiritual home; you can shift into a space of love and surrender, and remember that it’s all OK.

You don’t know that the nudge you feel to make that call, reply to that email, give away that thing, fix that leaning fence, say hello to them, pick up the flyer, or to say you’re sorry… you don’t know what’s linked to the chain of events that will lead you to where you’re wanting to go.

You’ve asked and asked. Expectations of results only limit what and how it works out and comes to us—and life is all about having and exercising its free rein to make it as easy, expansive and liberating for you as possible. But it might show up as nothing like what you’d expect, and when our most practiced habits are rejection, denial, doubt, defense and skepticism, we just keep pushing it away.

Then, we blame the universe for screwing us over. Indeed. Our desired outcomes would mean the death of our old story, and there is some part of us that cannot let that happen.

Allow yourself to sit with the silence. Allow your untapped creativity to surface. Allow yourself to align with excitement, and dare yourself to step toward the bliss. The terror is only an illusory fear of the unknown. You’re desperate to expand and to know more, and to feel your truth and your ultimate strength.

The fear is the lie. The fear is you hitting up against the barriers of your familiar, cognitively acceptable, most practiced stories. What if you were to just let them die?

Turn the page.

Solvitur ambulando