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Boredom and Purpose

Boredom is a signifier that you are not on purpose. It’s one of many so don’t overthink it.

Purpose doesn’t necessarily mean something massive. It doesn’t necessarily mean something all-encompassing. Purpose is the heart-centered, soul-centered, deep reason for your being—for right now; it’ll change. Life is change. Life adapts. You are always changing and adapting.

It’s what calls to you when you wake in the morning, and what allows you to rest at night, having expended all your creative energy for the day—to rest deeply and recover, and always have renewed vibrance and vigor.

It infuses your partnerships, relationships, intimacy and love. It is that sometimes elusive living-from-love idea that offers you a transcendent life experience, and flows through you, through your loved ones, and through the planet and beyond.

Follow your bliss? No. Take charge of it. Be responsible for your time, energy, focus and attention. Idle hands just get soft and wimpy. It is unique to you, as you are, now, and as you desire to be, now.

If you don’t have someone to challenge you, to be your champion, to test your resolve, and to deny you any chance at complacency, be that for your self. Begin. Gift yourself the essential creative spark so to attract the players and co-creators — and yes, even your most compatible beloved.

Connection is important. These days, when the bias is toward independence, self-sufficiency, and ultimately, loneliness, we need to remember that life here was designed for collaboration, for polarity, for expansion, and thus, for relationship.

Let her find you. Let him see you. You, be you. On purpose.

Solvitur ambulando