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Ah, Crap…

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

into the seato “scare the crap” out of oneself:

a metaphor whereby assuming a soul-resonant challenge wherein an individual prepares to engage fully in the journey, surmounting heretofore maintained limitations, courageously stepping into the light that beckons, burning away stagnant, artificial impurities, and realizing true, purposeful existence; the inevitability of the summoning forces are in full motion, propelled by deep desire, focused by the knowing of integral consciousness, and fully – as ever and always – understood and supported by the love unconditional.

to scare the crap out of yourself, is simply to embrace “i am ready”.

love your life,

Nothing To Fear

This, That, and the Other

Monday, February 17th, 2014

focus of lightwe’re transitioning from “this or that” to “this and that” as polarity and simply black/white perception, judgment, and generalization no longer serves us.

our egos and physical bodies have allowed us to explore the most extreme limitations and contrast, at a pace that only works here, now. yet as we reintegrate self-hidden understanding, we remember that anything can be transcended, healed, and thus, there is nothing to fear.

don’t invalidate the process, or the choices available to you, me, and all others. this is one path, but so is that. your choice, your bubble universe, your story, your experience. our agreements.

notice the little things; notice the reflections of that which you’ve been putting out there, and how it comes back to you across the spectrum of probabilities and potentialities.

unlimited. unconditional.

focus more, if you prefer, on the lighter, joyful, exciting options, using your heart as a filter – in constant contact with your greater self, and the timeless knowing that is the real, real you.

then, watch the flow as you take your oars out of the water altogether…

you’ll always see more by looking less.

love your life,


Elective Magnetism

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

mirror down the road

you will always attract and thus unwittingly/unconsciously surround yourself with those who match/mirror that which you are, energetically/vibrationally. (slash/slash!)

if you’d prefer to rise above these perceived limitations – to move toward more aligned, higher-functioning individuals – find the better feeling place; the higher resonating thoughts; the love-infused intuitions. there is a lightness to it…

this process starts with gratitude for being exactly where you are, with whom you are. it can be tricky, but the side effect is learning and expanding your awareness. so, win-win. judgement, projecting, blaming – all those frequently reflexive reactions – are also teachers, when you learn to spot them, then regularly let…them…go.

you don’t change people. you change you, initiating a new reality that carries with it a new story and replaces that which came before. you be that change and those ready and willing may come along, or they may not. relevance is relative.

use that which is in front of you as a stepping stone (figuratively) to elevate your game. everything you need is always here.

temet nosce.