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The Setting Sun

When the tide is way out, and the sun is on its way down… the vast sandy beach manifests a dramatic, diffracted canvas.

It’s a time of great change – but isn’t it always?

People and ideas and beliefs and things are leaving us. Stories are shifting, little by little. The rona keeps on giving and taking in its strange, oft predictable ways, upsetting and interrupting and amplifying the quietly desperate normal that was… as a ‘third wave’ of outright stupidity washes across the land.

Are you free? Are you afraid? Are you safe? Are you awake?

It’s unsettling that the things we grew up believing in are mostly broken, and much of the rest of it is total fiction, long-held lies, and endlessly revised fear porn and psy-op propaganda. If the idea of an I-got-the-jabs passport doesn’t make you laugh, or feel righteously pissed off, you’re more than a little clueless – especially if you are in any way swayed by the celebrity endorsements of this latest and greatest of medical (fraud) experiments. Think: If there were a real tragedy, you wouldn’t need to be constantly trying to sell it to the masses, nor to frighten them into submission. Bureaucratic and technocratic corruption and nonsense knows no bounds.

Broken is good. Someone said once that’s how the light gets in.

When I see a child masked, I wonder and worry about how they’ll process and make sense of these planned events. How did the crazy, malevolent few convince the rest of us to be so ashamed of our humanity?

Hint: It’s a full-time, intergenerational, cross-cultural, multidimensional commitment to the blurring and utter obfuscation of the truth, the blanding of the colorful spectrum that is an organic, alive human being, and the skillful manipulation of both sides of every story.

Ask better questions. Listen to your soul.

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

Marcus Aurelius

You’re not made of stardust. There’s no such thing. You may well discover that much about this place has been misdescribed, including the stars. It would, again, require letting go of some of your most cherished attachments and hardened beliefs; you must be willing to unlearn in order to relearn, and it will shake you to the core.

You’re light, sound, thought and sentience, on purpose and by your own design. You’re beyond words.

You are consciousness.

Stand up. Arise from fear.

Solvitur ambulando