one thing you learn as you journey along the path is that whatever you’re looking for out of life is what you’re going to find.

if you’re looking for. . .

reasons to justify your situation

reasons for why you can’t be or do this, or why you don’t have time to be or do that

reasons for delaying, holding back, holding it in, being lazy, staying safe – or, uncomfortable but familiar

reasons to hate

reasons to blame, shame, abandon, or fight. . .

you’ll find them.

life knows “yes” and responds accordingly. it is utterly unbiased. it is all perspectives, and it is one.

thus it is upon us to look for reasons we CAN and MUST be, do, experience and have what we prefer, what we resonate with authentically, what we desire.

tick tock.

tolerate, or elevate. resistance or resonance.

yes, or yes.

solvitur ambulando

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