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A lot of our energy can be expended in ways that are largely influenced by feelings of powerlessness. We are inundated with information, frequently overwhelmed by stress, and subjected to the limited scope of our own little reality bubbles. We lock ourselves in, and then keep our hands on the lock.

Unless we reclaim our scattered focus on all things “out there” — that seem important, that seem powerful, that seem to hold sway — and reconnect with the eternal within, we are detached from our inner compass, leaving us subject to the forces and agendas of those who thrive, and feed off, that kind of power.

It is time for fearlessness.

There will inevitably come a storm, or avalanche, that will cause us to question our reasons, assumptions, and trust in that which we have lived with and existed within, somewhat unconsciously. Old systems, based on control and manipulation, greed and stupidity, will fail. We are adaptively dynamic beings that have an inherent bias toward the positive, and no matter how long it takes, we will always emerge victorious over lower-level operators and their minions. Always.

Thus, it is time again, for fearlessness.

It is time to embrace those intuitions, and the impulses that may at first terrify you. YouOS has an update that requires a soft reboot after install. A lot of the old apps will no longer be compatible, so be prepared, and willing, to delete them. This will include some of your favorites, and some you have relied upon for most of your life. However, it will free up much needed space for YouOS “Elevate”.

The Information Age has induced, invited, and demanded the Age of Transparency. We believe less and less in bold-faced headlines, and seek out alternative sources for news and world events. We do more research for ourselves. We have more questions, and we settle for less bullshit. There are more whistleblowers, uprisings, protests, coupled with mass meditations, peace gatherings, “truthers”, seekers, awakeners, artists and other conscious activists. The love evolution continues.

You are a sovereign, infinite being.

You have nothing to fear.

Love your life,