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the mission

i often feel quite in my element, and that i am on my mission, but, nearly as often, i get tripped up and frustrated in the practical things… like providing for myself and being able to pay the bills, so to free up my creative and conscious efforts, and get back to being a positive, uplifting, healing force in this world, at this time.

there are many of us in this boat. i know this. i see your feeds on social media, the deeply personal posts, videos, and vulnerable (or angry, passionate, frustrated) sharings, in amongst the focused, purposeful, and on-topic ones.

i definitely, genuinely empathize with you. you’ll see the same stuff here, on my feed, and in my music.

there’s much that is unraveling and shifting and untangling within, and without.

the practical things don’t necessarily compute, especially as much of it involves fairly trivial, inane, outdated ideas and constructs on how we live, how we should live, what’s truly valuable, and what really matters.

it’s very easy to be productive, to be busy, and to take care of tasks. but, who fucking cares? what substance, what meaning, what fulfilment is there in just doing and doing and then dying?

none. it’s predictable, boring, empty and devoid of soul. but, you’ll get a lot of stuff done. it’s a heavily masculine paradigm that has had its day. look at the state of the planet for evidence.

we mustn’t negate nor disregard the greater truths of our higher dimensionality, and what lies beyond the clunky, heavy, mired mess of mere third-dimensional beingness.

so, the trick, for now, is to bridge the gap, and find balance between taking care of practicalities, but just enough to liberate our energies to delve and dive into the truly enlivening, enthralling, interesting, fulfilling, exciting, adventurous, and soul expressing; to get back to being on mission, and of service.

we can do what we love, and feed, house, and provide for ourselves at the same time. more of us are engaging life in this way, every day. it’s inspiring, so thank you to the daring, courageous and curious for following through, trusting and trying and failing and succeeding with your ideas.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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