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this storm has eyes

there is much suffering here, and as sensitives and creatives, it hits that much harder.

you don’t have to go looking for it. you don’t have to “heal the world” as it were, because all of that is merely a projection of sorts of all that is being processed THROUGH us.

the younger you are, the higher a state you enter this spacetime with (which is arguably why they’re so intent to inject you with a plethora of poisons, at birth – different topic). the older you get, the more general and generational the imprints and residual heaviness gets. yay, us.

the trouble is that life is still happening all around us, during this massive upheaval and recalibration that throws us all over the emotional spectrum. yay, physical reality.

while it would be excellent to head for the hills, the beaches, the shrines, the vacation destinations, or have permanent membership to spas and all the therapeutic goodness available – the practical and the energetic, esoteric options – that’s just not available to all of us, all the time. for most, probably, almost never – or at a tangible cost beyond our means.

so what do we do?

we try to smoke it or dose it or inject it away. doesn’t work.

we try to escape, through entertainment, running around the world, busyness and overwork, or creating situations and circumstances that utterly envelop and dominate our mental, physical, and spiritual space. doesn’t work.

we try to suppress, through starving ourselves – physically, emotionally, spiritually – so there is always want, need, lack and emptiness…as if some form of penance is required. doesn’t work.

we try to oppress, through brutal control of our environment, those closest to us, our emotions and expectations. we withhold, deny and grow callous. doesn’t work.

you probably get the picture. most of our society is wrapped up and warped by these prevalent forms of distortion and imbalance, and we’re deeply into the fleshing and flushing out of it.

it’s all coming to the surface and it all needs processing, patience, presence, and pattern recognition.

we are born healers, and have inherent gifts beyond the rigmarole of the everyday. our essence is of that pure space that always has more and always has enough and always says “yes, i know. let’s do it together.”

be easier on yourself. love is all around. help comes as openly as you are open to it.

solvitur ambulando

© 2016 Trance Blackman

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