photo: the “restore score” _build stuff_

spent my tens waiting for then…
spent my twenties seeking plenty…
spent my thirties getting dirty in worry…
started living in my forties…sorta.

less (tolerance for) bullshit, from myself, and from anyone else. though, it’s never mattered much, the noise, but experience focuses the lens more and more. there is much insanity in these times of massive change. apathy is easy. cowards hide from feeling.

your heart will reflect out in the world ways to snap you out of it, time and again; the hill will get steeper and steeper until we finally surrender to our truth. avoid self-injury and pain, and don’t think there’s anything or anyone you can project or give away the narrative to… your ship, your ocean, your design.

the anchors of guilt, shame, self-reproach, self-admonishment, self-denial, are antitheses to self-discovery, self-expression, self-trust, and self-love. it’s not an ego trip. it’s integration; all of our tools, skills, permission slips, experiences and insights are the composition of our uniqueness, importance, and value to this world.

existing, here, now, is enough. fuck the rest of the nonsense. rekindle your fire by accessing the heart centre. your higher self cannot ever be at any distance, nor quiet when you need to course correct. use it. listen. feel. trust. sit down and shut the hell up once in a while.

you are loved, and never alone.

solvitur ambulando

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