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Miguel Henriques - Unsplash

A Great Debate

Audio Version (music by Sergii Pavkin)

It’s difficult to engage in paradigm-shifting dialogue when everyone assumes they’re right. It’s an unnecessary, childish heaviness that is ineffective and destructive at best.

To move forward as a collective, we must temper our knee-jerk reactions and base our concerns on greater compassion and heart-centered, active listening. It sounds simple, but do you even do this for yourself? Is it kind to criticize and shame yourself for what you are, do, and have?

This is not a presidential debate. This is real life, and being truly present is important for everyone involved. Those marionettes on their well-lit stage will be forgotten by the end of the decade. They represent and epitomize the persistent disconnect between politics and the soul of the world. Though media spin and state propaganda would suggest otherwise, these clowns and paid actors are irrelevant, and not just because their public persona does not reflect the true workings of the entity they represent. Unfortunately, the authority we allow them to exercise affords them the means to do remarkably stupid and damaging things while they’re installed in their offices.

Genuine discussions and discourses are elevated by default. They are broader in scope. They encompass and explore more than is represented by fictitious lines on inaccurate maps based on outdated empire-building schemes. We are one heartbeat, and we call ourselves human. We call this place Earth. We call it the solar system because without our beloved sun, we would not exist.

An artful, present meeting of the minds is love in motion and expression. Love isn’t cerebral. It isn’t logical. It isn’t quantifiable, but it is the glue for our purpose, our ikigai, our story, and our stepping stone into unity consciousness, if that is what we desire to achieve.

We must continue this new conversation, engaging beyond the curated and censored social media forums. We will inevitably embrace what is present on our intuitive perimeter, beckoning us towards the light. It is ever-present and ubiquitous, open to give and receive in equal parts. We just need to change the channel and adjust our frequency to match.

It starts with you. It is a good time to elevate.

Love your life