we paint the world in every instant with our filters, beliefs, attitudes and perspectives. while its fluidity is generally beyond cognitive perception, there is an absolute order to our thoughts, actions, and reactions.

if we could pop ourselves off the timeline and retain lucidity, this would be self-evident; results are always linked to their whys, or, we dance with causality.

the laws of this place afford us great freedom. with awareness we can see the normally invisible connections and light filaments dancing across our consciousness. we can see how our intentions, tendencies, and energetic bias inform and gravitate relative objects, thoughts, and occurrences to us.

in amongst seeming randomness is the varying degree of relativity; what initially appears to be “other” may in another moment prove exact and perfect – as far as preference and purpose and the greater scope of our story will now or eventually confirm.

everything has its reason, but we don’t spend much time or focus in artful, present, observant and patient mind-states.

our spirits and bodies are conditioned toward productivity and mental enslavement, thus we always need newness and escape and some kind of stimulation, or simulation… for fear of self-destruction, or slipping into ennui.

it has, in ways, defined an inherent weakness – in our pursuits, our character, our capacity for empathy, compassion, service, and our relationships. a pervasive uncertainty infects our everything, and can mute otherwise vibrant beauty that is ubiquitous, omnipresent and very much the vast majority of our shared timespace.

the mainstream viruses would have you believe otherwise. let them go. shut it down. turn it off.

it’s important to build ourselves a new foundation within which to establish and reconnect, rekindle, and re-engage our soul and its forever home. we’ve deferred accountability and responsibility for too long, and no amount of judgment, projection, blaming and gaming will heal our heart space.

something will always feel “off” until we live from our authentic, vulnerable, powerful place.

solvitur ambulando

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