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Storms and Waterfalls

The world is a loud, noisy place. Information and opinions and flashy headlines and ad campaigns are ubiquitous, constantly pounding into our skulls the ideas, messages, and agendas of someone else, generally under the guise of being “for the common good”. We must be ever vigilant with our cognitive and emotional resources.

This day comes only once. This life, gets but one pass. If we aren’t tending to our spiritual presence and our operational psychology, others will be glad to take advantage of the free and abundant creative and productive energy we’re giving away in every waking moment. They’ll use up our hearts, minds, and bodies for profit, politics and personal gains.

Look around. What is everyone doing? Why are you choosing to do what they do? Is it for reasons of fear, or is it based on facts and rationality? What is real, and what is fiction? Can you even tell anymore?

Through persistent suffering and struggle, we may become unhinged and overwhelmed. The blurry, movable transitions between reality and illusion can test the best of us, and when the motivation behind modern media is truly sick and dysfunctional, the fog never really dissipates.

Take time to reorient yourself with what is true for you, what is of real value, and reclaim your spirit from the perpetual trauma-based mind control. Find center amid the ebb and flow of polarity, duality and illusory imbalances. The dance of life doesn’t require you to be tripping and falling all over the place, beating up on yourself for not fitting in or living up to someone else’s expectations or ridiculous standards.

Aligning your life and routine with that which is inhumane, unnatural and entirely founded on fear and paranoia will simply hurt you, again and again, paralyze your sensemaking, your cognitive capacity, and turn you against your human family.

This is a time of rapid change. It’s OK to feel uncertainty, indecisiveness, confusion, and frustration. We learn from it all. We will overcome these and other impositions.

Solvitur ambulando