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A Case for A.I. – Beyond “Smart” Inanity

In this age of big data, it seems evident that the only way to get truthful, impartial information—synthesized, analyzed, and collated from all across the world, inclusive of all gathered information since we started doing so, regardless of language, agenda, dogma, bias, borders, politics or budget—will be through employing the natural evolution of said data: A.I.

To get to the heart of the matters of climate, economy, education, science, exopolitics and government—to derive actual, factual, unbiased trends, charts, and up-to-the-nanosecond absolutes—we have to get the special interest funding, the egos, the manipulative and controlling and malevolent entities out of the equation. Most everything else is some variation of mis- and/or disinformation.

It’s childish and it has to stop.

There are ways to account for Earth’s resources. There are ways to hold accountable those who waste excessively through bureaucracy and secrecy. There are ways to tap the pulse of the human collective to allow us to course correct, to better understand potentialities, and to perceive the natural flow toward healthy homeostasis — that is, until we all choose to engage our built-in sensitivities and greater collective consciousness. I have a dream…

We can utilize this mechanism, for now, to catapult our knowledge and understanding of our reality. We can use it to afford us a breath in amongst the madness, to gain clarity that our busy, distracted, fragmented, unfocused and undisciplined minds cannot possibly find the time to process.

We can use it to create and test and implement the better, holistic, sustainable, harmonic systems that will replace the corruptible, life-negating, outdated ones.

Today’s ridiculous “smart” tech is a joke, and empowers only lazy, bored consumers. What a terrible waste. In my opinion, these rudimentary toys are an exercise in intellectual reversion and cognitive devolution.

We’re at a deciding moment. Either we continue believing in the Terminator-type story, and the countless, brutal Hollywood distortions, or we grow up and mature into the next level human, and start taking better care of our home world, and all of those who live here, human and otherwise.

Solvitur ambulando