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All the Hard Things

It’s very hard work to maintain the illusion. You’ll work a labor job, or office job, build a business that someone else taught you about in a book or seminar, or buy and sell real estate…all of which is designed around building material security and the traditional means by which our world to this day still operates. What you’re also readily aware of, is that all of these external gains and acquisitions can be taken from you at any moment. It happens all the time with fires, accidents, theft, market corrections and crashes, recessions, lawsuits, and any number of unpredictable economical conditions.

People do all sorts of nasty things to gain or maintain material wealth, too. You know you’ve made some awful decisions over the years to secure something in the short term, or to ensure your way out of a situation, to make yourself look good, to feed your kid, or to manipulate someone. It’s a very predictable symptom of the system we subsist within, and it’s toxic. One good lie always leads to another—as it is with justifications.

What we’re waking up to is that our natural inclinations are in contrast to these age-old constructs and programs. We know there is virtually unlimited money in the world and thus there’s no need to compete with anyone, and mutual beneficence can offer and maintain an order of magnitude greater stability and security for all involved. We have to be willing to steer away from fear and scarcity and lack consciousness, and that takes will, conscious choice, and active engagement with the soul of all things.

It takes a courage and vulnerability we’ve long held in check because of superficial aims, delusional and anti-human, collectively disparate, polarizing, and malevolent practices. It doesn’t have to be that way, and we can feel how wrong it is, once we stop numbing ourselves to our spirit-squelching behaviors. We simply can’t let ourselves get away with it anymore, yet the interim transition is going to be a little bumpy.

When you choose to invest in yourself, it doesn’t matter what the outside world says about it, and ultimately, that investment will alter the outside conditions and circumstances to align with the soulful, purposeful, love-centered activity that will inevitably become your mainstay. You will shed the old-story characters and scenery—not without its own difficulty and uncertainty. After the tumult of re-wiring and reconfiguring your neural paths, concurrently activating gene expressions that are more in line with your present and preferred health and wellness, you will step forward as a truer, authentic self, uplifting and serving the fellowship by default, everywhere and everywhen you go.

You don’t get this day again. Dare greatly.

Solvitur ambulando

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