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The more you move into and exist from within the energies of surrender, acceptance, appreciation and gratitude, the less those clingy, sticky, life-sucking energies can stay with you, attach to you, and have any sort of influence over you. You become slippery and unattainable to those harsh, vampiric, negative, spiny urchins of malevolence, and you regain your creative resources.

It’s important to understand that ideas, psycho-social conditions, beliefs and programs are all forms of energy that can take up residence within our own energetics, our consciousness, and do us harm — or, they can elevate us. If we choose to engage in downward spiral conditions and practices, we will find ourselves repeatedly in the familiar, the exhausting, and the debilitating. It’s safe there, because it’s a known known, even if it is uncomfortable and aggravating. Our bodies encode these things and hard-wire the established routines and parameters of our most practiced behaviors — quite literally. This is the state we find ourselves in when we’re desperate to break free from the paralytics and predictabilities of the past. It can all seem very insurmountable.

Nevertheless, we forget that just as easily as we fell into unwanted traps and repetitions and frustrations, we can practice their apparent opposites. We can develop a renewed trust in ourselves, and the universe as a whole along the way. It requires conscious effort to reclaim the largely unconscious practices and procedures — many of which we didn’t devise ourselves, yet have been living by for long enough.

Inevitably, our bodies will respond, and we’ll find agreeable the new, lighter, enlivening, invigorating and life-affirming practices. Beliefs will align as old and low-level vibratory sentience fades away, supplanted by a deeply preferred collective of consciousness. Our perspective of the externals must also shift in the process. It is as precise and predictable as math.

We are never changing the world, or something out there. We are only ever changing our world; from within, it is thus, without.

Solvitur ambulando