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It gets easier to be honest with ourselves along the journey. When we allow some integral dots to connect, storylines can at once coalesce and align. Instantly, we have at our fingertips a depth into our struggles and perceptions — and perhaps renewed clarity.

What’s interesting is we had these things as children. We could feel the excitement of something, and just go do it. We wouldn’t deliberate about schedule, validity, or if it would earn us a living. Curiosity, openness, adventure, the willingness to fail, all existed in the moment and if we were left to our own devices, we would dare greatly, time and again.

Sadly, our parents, guardians, and institutions — struggling for validation and substance in their own right — begrudged us our independence, and through example and influence, eroded and suppressed our innocence, intrigue, passion, and play. The trust in our internal compasses waned, and exploration got segmented and sequestered, decided evermore by alarms and buzzers.

It is our innate desire to serve and please those we care for and respect, but we mistakenly established allegiances where they were only required by those who themselves had decided to give up on the immensity of a life well-lived. Form, function, logic, and emotional dysfunction became the norm at some point, and we still tend to accept it.

The tide of rebalancing and resonance with our truth and higher ideals will no longer accept it, however. We are living on the live wire of an elevated existence, and it is shaking our constructs to the core. All of our established systems will have to evolve or be completely replaced. All. Of. Them. This terrifies the unconscious, the power-hungry, and the manipulators. As a species, we physically cannot operate as we used to without significant energetic repercussions — within and without.

We owe it to ourselves to take pause and re-establish connections to our essential selves. No makeup, clothes, titles, or labels. No expectations, assumptions, presumptions, hardened concepts or time constraints. Just the simple, naked, now.

If we can allow ourselves to be so bold, we may in effect reboot stagnant or calcified processes within us; to regain the presence and persistence to overrule layers of imposed influence is today’s struggle. But, even dominoes can fall uphill, and when they do, observe as the underlying patterns emerge.

There, again, will be the excitement, and the curiosity, openness, and adventure. There, again, we will discover the willingness to unveil, sail, and soar free of the unruly heaviness.

It never went away. Such is the nature of love.

Solvitur ambulando