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Beyond Childhood

Life will always be pushing you to hone, refine, resolve, overcome—to be the whole you. It could be your woman, your man, your friend, your so-called enemy, it doesn’t matter. Who or what it is is relevant to you, in the present, at this junction, because it’s only ever now that offers us the chance to grow, to change, to align with our truer nature, or to continue dying.

Your highest self will never allow you a moment of complacency.

The greater you is aware of your true potentials; it knows your mission; it knows that you will want to be comfortable, to conform, to find an easier way, to give up, to think about your life, its purpose, and how soon it could all be over…again. It knows of the illusion of time, of the fickle constructs and limits of this reality, the chaos of the untrained mind, the cosmic battle for the heart, and the universe in every atom.

This is the magic of this place, and you must choose to own it, not to be played by it; polarity, contrast, magnetism, electricity, gravity; push, pull, distortion, recapitulation and renewal… The geometry of this dimension can be intensely disorienting and painful, and that pain is a gift. Always.

Pain is the potent fuel of desire—the desire to change, elevate, grow, integrate, heal—essential for the evolution toward our ultimate truth.

When we allow smaller minds and childish (manipulative, sociopathic) ideas to color it in the negative shades, or when we default/reflex to the old neural pathways and small-story patterns that keep us entangled in the sameness and personality we want to evolve, we dowse ourselves in the lie; we choose to play with and reside within the heaviness. We are ready to live above and beyond our childhood. Heed the signs and step into your next level.

Solvitur ambulando