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Catalytic Immersion

You will reach a tipping point of sorts in your journey, where a lot of the noise that once got to you, can’t touch you anymore. You won’t need to watch any news, you won’t worry about fashion trends, you won’t crave ritual or the primitive, you won’t care too much about anyone’s opinion, and both criticism and praise for your works will carry a similar weight.

You’ll get a lot more picky with what is allowed to enter your sacred space — not out of fear, but out of love of self, love of purpose, love of focus and intent.

You are here to create, in your own way, for your own inherent reasons.

What’s brilliant about the fractal universe is that no matter how much you try to copy anyone else’s expression, you will always put your own signature on it — and you will inevitably desire a deeper authenticity. Regardless of the countless external influencers and impressions, your intrinsic, spiritual preference will pierce the veil, and your story will find its light.

It will elevate our unified expression.

Many of us can be too easily affected by the sensationalistic and the superficial. Those who thrive on fostering negativity, imbalance and violence (locked in a pattern of strictly service to self) will often be mentioned in the headlines and the history books. They may keep company with — or themselves become — those who hold positions of power or influence, and profit by manipulating the collective with strong emotional imprints.

In the long game, it is meaningless and essentially irrelevant; you may even perceive it as amusing, yet even that level of judgment would be transcended.

Catalysts are necessary at every level of reality, and in every dimension where an element of growth or expansion is inherent to the individuation — from a singular cell, to the mind-body-spirit complexity of a human being — or to the collective consciousness.

Be still and know that you are.

Solvitur ambulando