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Sorry, We’re Open

Abundant consciousness lives in a state of openness; every moment, regardless of where you are, whom you’re with, or what you are being and doing, offers a moment of magical, mystical, and unexpected wonder.

Worry about missing moments, or FOMO (exacerbated in recent years by social media) only draws us away from the now, away from abundance and flow, away from our natural self.

If we practice the need for escape, we’ll always find ways to run away.

Missed moments (a perception) attach us to the past and to the future simultaneously; our minds can’t stretch across time, and our hearts desire to be coherent — mind, body, spirit.

Reach less often for the smartphone, and just look around. Take it in. The camera never does it justice. Life is multisensory. Life is in those magic spaces between heartbeats.

It is here, now.

Hold them, smile at them, kiss them, hear them, feel them… love them.

Solvitur ambulando