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Dancing with Everything

It’s all available to us, and maybe therein lies the solution… and the problem.

Living in an era of constant flux, massive change and energetic upheaval takes its toll on both the seasoned veterans and the uninitiated — though I doubt if there are that many truly in the latter category.

Our minds can become a veritable soup through the daily inundation of inner and outer influences. How shall we then ever have clarity of purpose and presence and trust in the flow?
The busyness and business of life can be utterly unforgiving and unapologetically brash.

Much of this is by unconscious design. Much of it, too, is very much on purpose. Problems and challenges are perceived, and solutions are devised — yet for the most part, we operate on symptomatic premises, instead of systemic; we are conditioned to be linear-minded and reactionary, rather than our most natural state of quantum-conscious, fluidic and non-temporal selves.

Most of today’s concerns are either fabricated or blown enormously and maliciously out of proportion. Knowing our sensitive, raw state is vulnerable, those maligned with nature love nothing more than to take advantage, to profit in such superficial and transient things.

Make no mistake, those destructive ideas and programs have largely worked for millennia. Now, more than ever, we are increasingly aware of it.

Through the empowerment of knowing, immediately, we see what new information triggers in us. We must remember that these perspectives and perceptions are just that, and nothing more; our initial reaction to something is usually just the tip of the iceberg.

Let whatever comes up, come up. Love it. Use it. Unravel it. Don’t just assume the outer packaging is all there is to learn, see, and know of it. The pearl itself may take a little work to liberate and then to consciously integrate.

It is ALL available to us. Our imagining may appear fantastical, but, if genuine and authentic and relevant to us, it exists as pure potentiality that dares our persistence, courage and presence to make manifest.

Trip, stumble and fall. Trip, stumble and fall. Laugh in the face of it all… for what’s seemingly evident is the prose. Dig for and discern into the deeper poetry.

Solvitur ambulando