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Defensive Strategy

The armed and police forces may never be completely dismantled or discontinued in our societies. Yet, with every generation, we have the opportunity to make fundamental shifts in the operating mechanisms, underlying values, and practiced paradigms as new men, women, and likely robots and androids enlist or are introduced into the various peacekeeping services, forces, fleets, and organizations.

Many of us feel a certain urgency in this regard, and wish this idealistic reality were already the case, as we still currently believe that forces outside us are responsible for our security, safety and wellbeing. We still enforce borders of counties and countries, and numerous levels of divisiveness and societal, cultural, and even spiritual separation. Thus, we cannot have an armed force that reflects anything beyond what the consensus agrees is possible. So long as a defensive structure is necessary, we’ll always be prepared to go on the offense.

Whereas, if we were to shift into a global, unified species, guided by the spirit of the betterment of all, of exploration of the world, space, and an elevated life’s potentiality — knowing and understanding that everyone can contribute if they so choose, but that no matter what, everyone has the opportunity to pursue their soul’s beckoning… imagine how the colossal amount of time, energy, resources and finances invested in violent ideals would shift.

This realm of seeming duality requires us to be pushing on or against something. An artist who aims to master painting will create thousands of paintings. A runner who aims to compete will run thousands of miles. A coder will learn several programming languages. A designer will stretch, twist, and bend the laws of physics, convention, their own assumptions, and absorb the natural world in search of innovation, harmony, function and purpose. An inventor will dare to solve this problem, and the next, and the next, likely through thousands of failed experiments. But they will all push onward, or quit. If they quit, they’ll likely die a little each day, until something else challenges their hearts or minds.

As a species — all around the world, across time, space, dimensions and realities — we have innumerable values, beliefs, perceptions, and varied levels of energy. This is the magic of the earthly existence. It’s a mess! But it’s arguably a poetic, cosmic chaos. It all depends on your perspective. We’re going through a tremendous shift, inside and out, that’s got us feeling a little crazy. Many known knowns are being questioned. Old, small stories feel off, outdated and broken. Our very reasons for living and being and doing are being put through the spin cycle, and it’s disorienting.

Underneath it all, there’s the persistent need to push. It’s a symptom of certain well-established and practiced energies. If we keep choosing to operate in this low- to mid-level energy, we can be assured of similar, limiting results. But, what if we choose instead to push ourselves up and out of the lower levels, and into the unfamiliar and the expansive? How would the world shift? What would be possible? Who would we become?

Do the work. In all things, let love lead you. Watch how people and circumstances shift around you. Bathe in uncertainty, and revel in the “I don’t know!” Be grateful for the challenges because if they could have happened any other way, they would have.

Embrace, and elevate.

Solvitur ambulando

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