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Energy: The Impotence of an Age

We are in dire need of the transition from outdated energy and power generation to the limitless and non-polluting “alternatives” that have been available for a century, or more.

There’s nothing new about these energy sources, and in fact, as with all things in this reality, as our levels of energy, vibration and consciousness elevate, much will suddenly be revealed that’s been right here all around us the whole time. Unfortunately, in our current culture, describing these resources as “free energy” only invites skepticism and circular arguments based wholly on ignorance and misinformation—and likely a good dose of disinformation. Unlimited clean energy is ubiquitous and has existed, and will exist, forever.

Doubtful? What is holding your trillions of cells together? What is firing your neurons—and really, from where is creative thought derived? What is beating your heart? Why is there gravity? How does a star glow?

We know with absolute certainty that the old guard operating under the various Industrial Complexes are only in it for money and control. Naturally, these shady characters will only ever try to live on and perpetuate their malevolence through their progeny and estates, so it’s not up to them to even entertain an idealistic notion such as costless, not-for-profit power and energy for the human collective. Ultimately, as it’s ever been, it comes down to the masses, and our universal influence (our hearts, minds, conscious awareness, and creative energies) to shift the global consciousness away from the dark ages.

In truth, it really is about enlightenment. Our dependence on the grid, and the pipeline, keeps us shackled to the old and the painfully inefficient, ensures perpetual competition for resources, and only continues our momentum into an obvious oblivion of our own design. Think taxes (a government’s backbone), trade, commerce and manufacturing, all tied together and dependent on “fossil” fuels. Think politics and propaganda, polarization and divisiveness. It doesn’t have to be this way, but we have yet to decide to step up, demand, and drive forward these technologies, ideas, and expansive understandings with which to finally and completely erase the backward fuels of war and societal imbalance. That’s on us—not the greedy, the spiritually disturbed, and the myopic. This isn’t about resistance or violence. This is about owning and knowing your true self, and breaking out of the splintered, fragmented small story that currently defines much of our species.

One fine planet. It’s more than enough, yet if we buy into the distorted and damning global narratives, sure, we’ll inevitably buy into whatever end-times story is being spun this year. Their persistent fog has you confused and believing strange forms of bullshit—and you think it’s actually true. Wake up.

Should we endeavor in earnest to raise our collective energy levels, within a generation, we would witness, instigate, and participate in an upward swing of unimagined proportions. What dreams may come forth if the ancient antagonists were abolished?

This is an incredibly rich and resilient planet. She is BILLIONS of years in the making. Stop anthropomorphizing and projecting your pain and iniquities onto her. There is no lack nor scarcity here. Give any leveled forest a thousand years, and it’ll be as lush as ever. It is WE who are worried about self-termination, and we’re well on the way—but we’re also capable of an order of magnitude greater, healthier, expansive vision, creation, harmonization and collaboration.

Our relatively insignificant lifespans and meager material-only bubble realities distort our perspective. Our woefully biased, incomplete, adolescent, morally and ethically inept sciences and religions are toxic and misguided. Please open your mind. This reality is a place of wonders and miracles—as much as or more so than it is a place of fear, violence and struggle. Next-level existence is a conscious choice. Stop letting them choose for you.

Research and inform yourself on what’s now possible. Under the guises of hidden, free, alternative, esoteric, emerging energies, you’ll be inspired and awakened. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be infuriated. Perhaps, and ideally, you’ll be empowered. Perhaps you’ll get involved, engaged, and inventive.

Let love lead you.

Solvitur ambulando

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