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It’s generally understood that the mind can’t distinguish between what is imagined to be happening, and what’s actually happening out in the world (i.e., you benefit from either imagining that you’re working out at the gym, or by actually going to the gym). What if everything we’ve ever imagined having done or achieved has already happened?

What if some version or aspect of us (past, present, future; alternate reality, timeline, or parallel universe) is able to explore and play out scenarios we’ve only ever dared to attempt in our minds? If that were the case, how would it be possible to ever “miss out” on anything? What if regret, anxiety, angst, and frustration are all illusions, devised and perpetrated by our limiting programs and our unconscious adherence to adopted social conditions?

What if we learned to let go of all those illusions and to surrender to infinite possibilities? Could it be possible to glean wisdom, knowledge, and experience from other concurrent selves? Beyond our linear frame of time, into the quantum nature of things, how can we truly know what’s possible if we only ever “beat the drum” of the practical and the tangible? And, what if, with practice, the otherwise intangible developed into a usable asset in our daily lives?

Imagine that there is an aspect of you that has never been afraid to try and to fail. Imagine there’s an aspect of you that has succeeded at exactly what you desire now to succeed at. Imagine there are as many versions of you as there are thoughts in your head, and that they’ve done pretty much anything and everything that could ever be done. What if this vast library was immediately and always available at your command?

Our imaginings influence our behavior, and our choices, and that which is imagined can certainly affect our energies. Do you tend to feel uplifted, grateful, and appreciative while or after dreaming a scene or event — or do you feel drained, hopeless or weak? Do you see the disconnect? Do you see how if you can mindfully shift your perspective, you can thus elevate your life? Imagining a worst-case scenario can be simply observing one of a billion billion potential outcomes. What would you prefer? What would that feel like? How might you better focus your creative energies?

The truth is, if you can imagine it, you have the capability of aligning with that reality. Typically, we’ll go step by step, learn, train, trip, fall and get up again, getting addled by the hows, negating the why. However, you can shift and step into that version of yourself, now, unless you’re more concerned with what others might think or believe about it.

The more you discipline your mind, and invest the time to clear up your stuck or stagnant pockets of lower energy (aches, pains, scars, chakra dysfunction, trauma), the fewer factors and variables you’ll need to consider in your formula of reality creation.

There’s more to all this than you’re probably aware of. It is vast, yet it is simple, though it’s not necessarily easy.

Easy is not what thriving on Earth is all about. Being easy about it, that’s different. You can spiritually bypass with any number of buzzwords and superficial techniques, but ultimately, you know what’s true for you. Delve into the substance.

Solvitur ambulando