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Getting To It Promptly

Some tidbits…


There are too many things to deal with now, or there’s simply no motivation to make something happen; no fuel left in the tank — or is it, perhaps, you have no real belief in the purpose or reason in undertaking this… thing, today? You’ve been thinking and thinking and planning and planning… You’ll do it tomorrow. 

The trouble with tomorrow is that it doesn’t exist. More likely, tomorrow will extend to a week, a month, and then a decade. Still later? Not quite ready yet? 

Orderly Operations

“You give your ideas value by acting on them. A good idea, not acted upon, only brings pain and fear. Conversely, action brings confidence. Action is fun. Inaction slowly kills you inside.”

Benjamin Hardy, PhD

You can’t follow your passion; it may seem like — or be unwittingly or summarily dismissed by some as — a dream, but it’s quite possibly far more sacred and profound than a mere triviality. Respect your visions, and honor your aspirations so to reify and realize your best self. Fail forward.

Your passion should rightly guide and propel you — as a sail captures the winds, yet remains forever at the whim of your conscious will. It should inspire you, and challenge you to be more than you think you are, lest it mislead you toward ambiguity and noncommittal behavior, floundering and indecisive; a ship without a mainmast. 

Own your passion and disown the fantasy.

You Can Be Free

The menacing, maddening world out there will eat up all of your time, emotions, and your cognitive and creative resources, unless you are actively reclaiming your life, one breath to the next. 

Notification: delete the app. Pick up the pen.

Solvitur ambulando