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The Pursuit of a Passion

I wonder…

How many of us never take the chance to really go for it — to pursue our passion (which can certainly change) — for fear of failing at it?

Perhaps because failing at the one thing (since we’ve reduced it to just one thing) we really, always, desperately wanted to be or do presents somewhat of a conundrum:

If we do fail, then what?

As a result, a part of us always manages to keep it just out of reach.

Oh, when I feel prepared… Must prepare, prepare, prepare. Oh, when I can afford it… Must buy lottery tickets… Oh, I can’t make any money from it, so I’ll have to make it a side hustle… Just get a normal job… Oh, I can’t make a good living from it, so who would want to date, love, or marry me? I am not worthy… Oh, I tried (a little) here and there over the years, but nobody seems to care Oh, when I can find the time… I despise my job because it drains all of my energy and motivation. Oh, I wish I could… then I would finally… be… happy. Et cetera.

We can be quite clever in our clamoring, and much ado about nothing.

Just begin. Where you are, who you are, and what you have is perfect. It will change. Teachers will manifest. Opportunities will arise. Setbacks will occur. Life will occasionally suck. During the journey, you may discover something more in line with your heart. You may inspire others with your courage, experience, trips, falls, and successes. You may give up, become exhausted, bored, frustrated, disoriented, and depressed. So what?

You are here, now. That matters. There are innumerable minutiae and universal laws at work to cause you to exist exactly in the way that you do. Simply being is enough. Remember the adventure of it all. Dive in.

Love your life.

P.S. To explore more on this topic, I recommend an article by Jordan Ring called What Am I Doing With My Life?