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Muted Colors

One of the most challenging aspects of living in this reality is facing the onslaught of intense energies that affect us on an emotional level. We have inherent defense mechanisms that, left unchecked, will numb and subdue our spiritual presence — and blur our perspective — and we can lose much in the process.

Mainstream media (which naturally includes social media) by extension and by force of our practiced conditioning, is configured precisely to be the antithesis to our natural psychological function; rather than discussion and discourse, we have rants and trolling. Rather than rationality and discernment, we have sensationalism and prejudice. We have massive quantity and little quality. We have steady, repetitive streams of noise, spitting lack, scarcity, polarization and fear — 24 hours a day, everywhere.

This effectively keeps us locked in our minds, generation after generation, building and maintaining egoic bubbles to protect ourselves from…what exactly?

Our natural self is not ever lacking, not ever broken, and not ever missing anything. Yet this perpetual, fabricated fracas in central aspects of our everyday lives takes its toll; we’re always on the defensive, and it easily turns inward.

A part of us wants to reconcile the madness, and thus finds need to blame or shame some other part of us for all the trouble — first, for allowing this pain and dysfunction to exist, and second, for allowing it to persist.

Unconsciously, we maintain our sanity by filtering out much of the excess — while concurrently narrowing our scope of the light/energetic spectrum to manageable (or, relevant; resonant) frequencies. But, unless we are actively creating and projecting the sacred into our manifest spaces, we will inevitably settle into a critically restricted range of experiences, outcomes, perceptions and perspectives.

There is a tree, and there is a forest. There is a language, and there are all forms of communication. There is a truth, and there is all-that-is.

Every thought contains all there is to this existence; it has potentiality, intent, focus, awareness and consciousness. Every cell contains all there is to know about and how to be the body, adaptively; it houses and represents DNA, gene expression, electromagnetic energy, gravity, coherence and consciousness.

Every life contains all there is to know about, and every reason there is, for living.

Shut it all off and find you, again and again. Smile as the Divine Child, eternal, and with universal, conscious awareness.

All and everything is here to help you.

Solvitur ambulando