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When You’re Done Suffering

Every thought or idea that holds any negativity or heaviness can be reconfigured, restated or re-examined to alleviate suffering. Moreover, when we reframe and realign our most commonly used words and phrases, we discharge polarity and generate magnetic space for our natural creativity to emerge.

Prevalent psychosocial conditions and programming will forever keep us in self-defeating spirals, holding back the flow of our innate and infinite nature. We can reclaim this gift at any moment, but we have to observe the phenomena in action — and interject our choice and our will — otherwise emotion and reaction and external influences will immediately overwrite or subsume our potentiality for change.

When we take the time to examine our values, to connect with our soul’s essence, we can analyze and discern within our energies what is true and what is not. If we do not invest this time in contemplative, silent spaces, we generally go forward and throughout life in constant conflict, fighting the flow, rather than understanding and appreciating the necessary ups and downs, peaks and valleys.

Some prefer to be productive and always doing, focusing on creating, learning, training and becoming something better. But many of this persuasion are motivated primarily by shame and guilt — some of the lowest forms of energy on the spectrum. They become addicts of aspiration, always attached to ideas and outcomes outside the present moment, while regrets and resentments of the past haunt their every move.

Some will defer and delay, driven to the depths of distraction and dependence on entertainment to survive. This, too, is fueled by shame and guilt, ultimately. They abhor mediocrity while never daring to genuinely pursue anything, afraid to fail and afraid to succeed — again, relying entirely on externals and feedback loops for worthiness and supposed value. Depression is a constant companion, and despair hides around every corner.

Our modern societies are oriented heavily toward commercial and industrial values, thus our intrinsic, non-materialistic substance is forcibly collared and corralled into strict, inane and impoverished creative outlets. One has to consider how anything they put their energy into relates to market valuation or making a living, first, then to its authenticity and capacity for personal fulfilment. We are ingrained with the idea that compromise, competition, and conflict are normal and necessary. This enforces the notions of duality and polarity, which, in effect, defines our resistance and propensity for negativity, bias, and distaste with the “real world.”

Throughout our lives as humans on Earth, we endure and adopt many levels of spiritual, psychological, philosophical and emotional insult. These elements in combination create the foundation for suffering. While struggle and challenge can certainly benefit our process, help us to become stronger, wiser and more capable, suffering is an underlying disease that isn’t necessary at all, though we can and do become accustomed to it. But ignorance is not bliss. It’s just ignorance.

Consider the why. If its origins or motivations are based on superficial, familial, organizational or institutional influences, then you’ll likely move forward through life by default. You will likely suffer. Any time we act without integrity or consideration of our original substance — our heart/soul character — we defer to the choices and preferences of someone or something else; we consent to a will that is not our own. This isn’t to suggest that there is any right or wrong way to live, for simply living — being here — is purpose enough.

But when you are done suffering, every choice is liberating and dispelling of that which has up until now been working against you. When you are done suffering, the whys and the shoulds that arise get examined in a different light, and hold no sway over your calm, centered and knowing self. You choose where to engage, and what to let go of. You decide what earns your attention, and what was never yours to worry about. You remember that you are a creator being, and want only what is real.

You are done suffering.

Solvitur ambulando