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It’s a Love Thing

No love is wasted. When we’re open, we give naturally of that which flows through all things, infinitely. Any judgment or condition or expectation we put upon it is simply a fear-based program.

Why we give our love — our energy, our attention and focus — can have as many reasons as there have been seasons in a lifetime. It’s relevant, now, because that is what you’re moved to be and do. If you worry about the why, you dishonor the movement of your spirit, and complicate that which is beyond complication.

If a fragile ego always needs something in return, it has simply been overly practiced in scarcity consciousness. If we’re practiced in the belief that we are lessened by our giving, we’re practiced in transaction, not in service; we’re giving our power (while diminishing our flow) to a distortion of reality, not what is authentic and real. Observe your emotions, in the moment.

Perhaps ironically, spiritual and emotional maturity occurs as we return to and embrace the profound, sacred, simplicity and purity of that which always existed — beneath the education, training, practice and rigmarole of the countless, often numbing routines of life.

We’re moving into an age of energetic philanthropy. Our substandard money systems are on the verge of complete overhaul, even if our addiction and dependence on them are more imbalanced than ever. These are symptoms of age-old control structures and systemic, psychological manipulation tactics. We can transcend them. We will.

Giving and sharing of our talents, skills and abilities inherently demands we constantly improve, learn, develop, expand and embrace the wisdom of experience. Inevitably, the more everyone pursues their excitement and genuine interests, the more easily all of our needs are met.

It’s only too easy to revert back and slip into the mindset of “but, what about my needs?” We cloud and blur the world around us when we step out of our joys and bathe in our perceived lacks and wants. These are signals that there is some heartful exploration, emotional healing, or acknowledgment of trauma required.

Perhaps it’s simply time to let go of long-held ideas that no longer serve you, or ideas that were never yours to begin with.

We want love. How this became such an overwhelming and prevalent notion in our world isn’t entirely clear, and it doesn’t matter. Have the courage to acknowledge it. Let whatever comes up, come up. Love that — all of it.

Pretty soon, it shifts naturally and organically upward and outward to “I am love”.

Solvitur ambulando

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