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Navigating the Mind Virus

As we face the inevitable onslaught of external influences, and their triggering of our self-analysis, self-actualization and grander re-integration, mental spirals and thought loops may hinder or entirely halt our progress.

It all comes back to gratitude; appreciation for each new awareness, and an increased ability for discernment.

It’s a natural, organic process that we’re all born with, and when we choose to actively engage and implement it along our paths of endless discovery, the flow state is achieved with increased regularity.

That being understood, throughout our lives we may inherit or adopt any number of conditions and programs that layer on top of each other, or interweave as a myriad of psychological, physiological and spiritual complexity. These are all necessary energies, for the tasks and missions and plans we set for ourselves in this life require an impressive and inexhaustible array of raw material.

The tapestry that is our storyline, our apparent timeline, encompasses innumerable facets and folds across time, space, reality, and dimension. Though, it may only ever appear to move from one second to the next, from one choice to the next, from one cause to an effect, and so on.

To be freed from the clutches of a mind virus, is to have the capacity and presence at any given moment, in any given circumstance, to be able to step back and reassess the greater reality – the universal truth – of the presently unfolding; the occurrence; the event. We are not that which we believe ourselves to be, nor are we simply an avatar that is at the whim of a controller.

Why did I do that? Why did I say that? Why did I feel that? Why did I think that? Who is thinking that? What aspect of me is being reflected at this moment?

Whatever arises, love that.

Again, be thankful for the awareness and the gift of reclaiming another part of your self. And while that puzzle piece may simply blend into your greater fractal nature, know that you are no longer that which did, said, felt, or thought that. Affirm out loud that you are no longer subject to those terms and conditions. You are free, free to be and embody more of who you really are, and to begin to live into that up-leveled existence.

This inner dialogue is key to understanding, expanding and refining your relationship with your self. It will feel repetitive when the same issues tend to linger or come up again and again. But consider how many times the message, idea, experience or external influence was imposed upon you, how many days or years or decades it has resided in your mind, body, or spirit.

Remember to have patience and compassion for the process. Remember to have appreciation for your courage, persistence, and your commitment to growth and expansion.

Completion is a lifelong journey.

Solvitur ambulando